Applying for day care

To arrange day care for your children, you can choose between

  • child home care allowance,
  • municipal day care,
  • day care service voucher,
  • private day care allowance (care allowance and care supplement affected by the family's income). In addition to private day care allowance, families can apply for a municipal supplement if the service producer is in an employment relationship with the family (private care for children at home) and the need for care is due to the parents’ work or studies.

Applying for municipal day care

You can apply for early childhood education services from family day care and day care centres all year round.

The day care application must be submitted to the regional day care office at least four months or, in the case of a sudden change in employment/study status, two weeks before the child needs a day care place.

Day care is granted for the child up to the beginning of pre-school education. Day care during the pre-school year is decided on separately.

How to apply for day care

  • Application forms are available at the day care office.
  • The day care application can also be submitted electronically.
  • Any necessary attachments to the application must be submitted separately to the day care office.

When you have received a decision regarding day care:

  • If home care or private day care allowance has been paid for the child, notify Kela that your child is starting at day care.
  • Agree with the day care centre on the familiarisation practices.

Submitting your income information

For determining the day care payments, the family’s income information and related attachments must be submitted to the day care office by the end of the first month of care.
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