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Building Supervision

The Building Supervision Department promotes, guides and supervises the creation and preservation of a high-quality building stock and an enjoyable living environment. The Department serves the residents of the town and ensures that public interests are taken into account.

Building Supervision Department contact information:

  • Visiting address: Ratakatu 2, Ylivieska
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 70, 84100 Ylivieska, Finland
  • Telephone: Senior Building Inspector Leena Löytynoja +358 (0)44 4294 237,
  • Building Inspector Markku Sorvoja +358 (0)44 4294 236
  • E-mail:,
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: weekdays 8 am–4 pm

    Building, expanding, altering or even repairing a building usually requires a permit. Permits in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act are

    • building permit,
    • action permit,
    • permit to demolish a building,
    • permit for landscaping work.

    Before a building permit is granted, areas without a valid detailed plan often require a planning need solution, where the prerequisites for granting a building permit are considered.

    A deviation decision is needed if you wish to build against the plan or on a shore area or transform a holiday residence into a permanent one.

    Applying for a permit requires a plan drawn up by a qualified designer.

    When applying for the permit, you must fill out a building or action permit application.

    The applicant is always the holder of the property. In a housing company, a copy of the board’s minutes is required as an attachment.

    Regarding permissions to fell a tree, contact the Environmental Manager.

    Building and action permits can only be applied for electronically through (in Finnish or Swedish). The service can be accessed with your online bank ID or mobile certificate. Lupapiste is a service where citizens, businesses and communities can conduct their business regarding permits and notifications in interaction with the authorities and other parties.

    Online services – 24 hrs

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