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Alluring Ylivieska

Ylivieska is a developing and growing regional centre with good services and conditions for enjoyable living, self-development and versatile business activities.

From history to the modern day

Ylivieska has grown from a few houses built by the River Kalajoki in the early 16th century into a lively town of more than 15,000 residents. In the Middle Ages, Ylivieska was part of Salo (Saloinen) socken and, since 1540, Kalajoki church socken. Ylivieska chapel parish was founded in 1643 and an independent municipal administration was introduced at the beginning of 1867. Building of the railway began in 1886 and the transformation of Ylivieska first into a borough in 1965 and then into a town in 1971 has sped up Ylivieska’s development.

Today, Ylivieska is the centre of a market area of 100,000 people, and its location by the national main railway and in the intersection of Finnish national road 27 and trunk road 86 guarantees fast connections everywhere. The connections are complemented by Oulunsalo and Kruunupyy airports, which can be reached in a little over one hour by car. Rahja freight port in Kalajoki is about 40 km away.

The municipalities of Ylivieska, Merijärvi and Sievi and the cities of Kalajoki and Oulainen form the Ylivieska sub-region.

Versatile business life

Ylivieska is a town of services

  • about 73% of jobs in the town are in the service sector
  • the construction and industry sectors account for about 22% of jobs
  • agriculture and forestry account for a little over 3%.

Ylivieska is known as a trade centre. The wide variety of grocery shops and specialty shops serves the area extensively. Ylivieska is especially known as an attractive car sales centre.

Strong industrial branches include the metal industry, electronic mechanics and the mechanical timber industry. The brick industry has a long history in Ylivieska, and the industry remains significant today.

High-quality education

Ylivieska is a town of education. At the Ylivieska unit of Centria University of Applied Sciences, you can study:

  • technology
  • business economics
  • social services
  • tourism
  • education
  • humanities

The town also has:

Statistical information:

Residents 15 255

Population structure

  • ages 0‒14: 21,2 %
  • ages 15‒64: 58,9 %
  • 64 over: 19,9 %

Total area: 573.14 km2

Income tax percentage 22,0 %

Ylivieska’s friendship municipalities:

Walden was incorporated into the city of Greater Sudbury, established on 1 January 2001, along with several other municipalities and cities in the region (Sudbury, Capreol, Nickel Centre, Onaping Falls, Rayside-Balfour, Valley East and Walden).

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