Ylivieska College of Music provides a basic education in arts as well as goal-oriented musical teaching in accordance with an extensive syllabus. Our curriculum is based on the principles issued by the Finnish National Board of Education.

Ylivieska College of Music has an extensive selection of instruments, including all classical instruments and percussion:

flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet,
bassoon, saxophone, trumpet,
cornet, alto horn, baritone horn,
French horn, trombone, tuba,
piano, organ, percussion instruments, violin, viola,
cello, double bass, drums, singing,
piano, organ, kantele, guitar, mandolin,
accordion, computer music,
electric guitar, electric bass guitar, pop/jazz singing,
pop/jazz piano, free-form accompaniment

Basic level music students are accepted through entrance examinations. The entrance examinations are held every year in April, and the application procedures are announced in the local newspapers and on the Town’s website in March.
Our music kindergarten accepts children up to the age of 6 in order of registration.

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