Community College registration

Preliminary registration for spring courses begins at 12 noon on Monday 12 December 2016.
Instructions for registration and cancelling course attendance


  1. Navigate to the page
  2. If you wish to read the printed version of the study guide in Finnish, select the link ‘Painettu opinto-opas’ on the Finnish version of the page. The same information can be found on the ‘Study guide course browser / registration’ link.
  3. Click on ‘Study guide course browser / registration.’
  4. You will be directed to the HelleWi service start page.
  5. Select ‘kurssit’ (courses), ‘osasto’ (department) (Ylivieska, Alavieska, Sievi).
  6. You can also search for individual courses if you have the course number of the course you wish to attend. You can also use a subject search to search for subject-specific courses more extensively. Please note the municipality information (Ylivieska, Alavieska, Sievi) on the left side of the subject group list.
  7. Select a main category (‘Pääluokat’), such as music (‘Musiikki’) and then ‘Musiikki’ under the subjects (‘Aineet’) menu.
  8. Available courses (‘Kurssit’) are displayed on the screen.
  9. ‘Lisätiedot’ (additional information) opens a course description.
  10. Click on ‘Ilmoittaudu’ (register) to add the course to your shopping cart.
  11. You can select several courses at the same time.
  12. Navigate to your shopping cart. At this stage, you can examine the courses you have selected and remove selections.
  13. Fill out the necessary information fields. People under the age of 18 must enter a parent’s information for invoicing. Select ‘Lisää maksajan tiedot’ (add payer information) and accept the registration instructions.
  14. Click on ‘Lähetä ilmoittautuminen’ (send registration).
  15. A registration confirmation will be displayed. Save or print your registration number and course number(s). An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the address you have given.


You must cancel your attendance at least 5 days before the beginning of the course, otherwise we will charge you the course fee.
• Click on the ‘Study programme course browser / registration’ link and select ‘Omat tiedot’ (my information). Enter your registration number (‘ilmoittautumistunnus’) and the number of the course (‘kurssin numero’) you wish to cancel.


You can find a season pass (‘Kausikortti’), a senior season pass (‘Seniorikausikortti’) and a season pass for the unemployed (‘Työttömän kausikortti’) under ‘Kurssit’ > ‘Ylivieska’ > ‘Muu koulutus’ > ‘Kausikortti.’


If you wish attend several courses, we recommend that you purchase the €150 season pass. The season pass must be ordered by phone or online. When registering online, select your courses and the course named ‘Kausikortti’ (number 0000KK) under ‘Ylivieska’ > ‘Muu koulutus’ > ‘Kausikortti.’

In order to prove that you are an unemployed job-seeker, follow these instructions:

  • Customers of the Employment and Economic Development (TE) Services can print out their job-seeking information at > ‘E-services’ > ‘Personal customers (in Finnish)’ > ‘Oma työnhaku.’ For this, you will need your personal online bank ID and key code list. You can also print out your job-seeking information at your local TE office. Printing instructions: > ‘E-services’ > ‘Personal customers (in Finnish)’ > ‘Oma työnhaku’ > ‘Muuta tai katsele työnhakutietojasi’ > ‘Katsele omia tietojasi’ > ‘Tulosta.’
  • Once you have printed out your information, take it to the Community College office by 30 September. The office is open on weekdays 12 noon–4 pm, address: Valtakatu 4, floor 3, Ylivieska.

You can purchase one-time tokens at the Community College office. The tokens are collected by the teacher at the beginning of the lesson. The tokens are valid for the autumn and spring semesters and are not redeemable. You can also purchase tokens as gifts. The Community College office is open weekdays 12 noon–4 pm. Valtakatu 4, floor 3.

A service card for the unemployed or a student card entitles you to a 50% discount off the course fees. Unemployed persons and full-time students must visit the Community College office (Valtakatu 4, floor 3, open weekdays 12 noon–4 pm) in person to verify their right to the discount no later than after the first meeting of the group and before the second meeting. The discount does not cover season passes or open university education.


  • Upon registration, you commit to paying the course fee.
  • The teacher and the office cannot accept course fees.
  • The invoice must be paid entirely by the due date and the payment amount must not be changed. The reference number shown on the invoice must always be used. If anything is unclear, please contact the office.
  • The invoicing information of those under 18 years of age must contain their carer’s information (including personal identification number).
  • Remember to provide the invoicing information if the payer is someone other than the course attendee.
  • The following payment forms granted by employers for the employee’s personal exercise activities are eligible: Exercise vouchers provided by the Town of Ylivieska and Tyky exercise vouchers/Smartum vouchers.
  • Payment reminders and collections for unpaid invoices are carried out by Lindorff Suomi Oy. Delayed payments are subject to interest in accordance with the Interest Act and late payment fees.


  • If a student stops attending a course, the fee will not be refunded for the remaining lessons. If you submit a medical certificate to the office, a portion of the fee may be refunded.
  • Registrations are personal and cannot be transferred to other persons.
  • The College has the right to make changes to the course information given in the study programme. In the case of a substantial change to the time or location of a course by the College, the College may refund a portion of the course fee.
  • The College will not be responsible for cancelled facility reservations due to reasons beyond its control. Students will be notified of any cancellations where possible.
  • The cancellation of one lesson per semester is not grounds for a course fee discount. Any cancelled lessons will be held later during the semester where possible.


Exercise vouchers provided by the Town of Ylivieska, Smartum vouchers and Tyky exercise vouchers can be used as payment for exercise-related courses at Ylivieska Community College. If you are using exercise vouchers to pay for exercise-related courses, the vouchers must be delivered in person to the College office (Valtakatu 4, floor 3, open weekdays 12 noon–4 pm) by the end of January. After invoicing, the vouchers are no longer eligible as payment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ylivieska Community College office,
tel. +358 (0)44 4294 319 or +358 (0)44 4294 321.

Welcome, and enjoy your studies!

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