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Ylivieska Culture Centre Akustiikka - Treasure Trove of Events

The Ylivieska Culture Centre was built in 2013 as an EU project. The third EU culture centre project carried out in Finland, Akustiikka was part of the Western Finland Objective 2 Programme and the Northern Ostrobothnia Objective 2 Programme. The Culture Centre is owned by the Town of Ylivieska.

The Culture Centre Akustiikka building was designed by the architects of UKI Arkkitehdit from Oulu. The acoustics of the main hall were designed by Alpo Halme from Helsinki. Ylivieska Akustiikka house is a modern cultural centre right in the centre of the town. The cultural centre features a 405-seat concert hall, an exhibition hall, a sound studio and conference and video conference rooms ‒ “a conference oasis in the middle of the town”. Akustiikka serves as a venue for a wide variety of concerts, events and parties. The exhibition hall hosts fifteen exhibitions every year.

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