Conference and concert oasis in the middle of the town

Cultural Centre Akustiikka is a magnificent building that contains a concert hall, an exhibition hall, a video conference room, a restaurant hall and smaller conference facilities. The Akustiikka facilities can be modified in accordance with the nature of the event and the customer’s wishes, from seminars to large-scale conferences, from smaller cultural events to large-scale concerts.

The up-to-date conference technology facilitates education and conferences in all of Akustiikka’s facilities.

Our private restaurant will serve all of your coffee, meal and intermission catering needs.

Cultural Centre Akustiikka

Main hall, concert hall, 401 seats
Exhibition hall, 50 seats
Video conference room, 30 seats
Conference room Pietari, 12 seats
Dining room Trioli, 140 seats

Facility and restaurant service reservations:
Marita Öljymäki-Maarala, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 543 and
Terhi Saarimaa, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 546

Main hall

The magnificent main hall of the Cultural Centre Akustiikka makes it possible to organise demanding concerts and a variety of conference and education events and seminars. The excellent technology and lighting equipment play a role in guaranteeing a successful event.

Until 2022, the main hall will be called the Osuuspankki hall. In addition to the stalls and the balcony, there are 401 seats and additional chairs.

See the seating plan of the main hall here
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Exhibition hall

The versatile and well-lit exhibition hall of the Cultural Centre Akustiikka, with 130 m2 of floor area and 70 running metres of mounting area on the walls.
The exhibition hall has four movable wall elements that make it possible to divide the space into two or more sections. The height of the exhibition hall exceeds 5 m, making it possible to exhibit very large paintings and other art pieces.

The exhibition hall is well-suited for educational and cultural events as well. A complete conference technology set, including video projector and internet connection, can be brought to the hall. There is a digital grand piano in the hall. Until 2022, the exhibition hall will be called the PPO hall.

Video conference room

The video conference room features high-quality equipment and is designed for 30 people.

The system includes:

  • VHS players
  • DV and DVD players
  • a documentation camera
  • an overhead projector
  • a flip chart
  • a television
  • a video projector
  • a computer
  • a video conference connection

Conference room Pietari

A conference technology set, including video projector and internet connection, can be brought to the conference room. The room is suitable for up to 12 people.

Dining room Trioli

Outside school hours, the Trioli dining room of Päivärinta School serves as a private restaurant for Akustiikka. The restaurant hall can also serve a variety of events and celebrations. The tables in the restaurant can seat 140 people.


The third floor media workshop serves as a setting for making high-quality audio recordings. Recording can be carried out in the Osuuspankki Hall or a separate performance room with a floating structure.

The technology available includes ProTools software and a Control 24 operating environment.

Further information: Paavo Helminen, tel. +358 (0)40 6427 799







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