City planning carried out by the Town is governed by the Land Use and Building Act and the regional plan.

Master plans and city plans are created in order to organise and steer the use of the municipality’s areas. A master plan outlines the use of the areas in the municipality. A city plan is used to define the use of an area in the municipality in closer detail, as well as the principles of construction.

The Land Use Unit/Planning Section under the Technical Services Centre creates partial master plans, city plans and other land use-related plans for the Town that guide construction.

Master plans are prepared for the Town Board and then approved by the Town Council. City plans are processed and approved either by the Technical Service Board or the Town Council.

Contact information:

All e-mail addresses are in the format

Town Architect

Risto Suikkari
+358 (0)44 4294 232

Planning Engineer

Eriia Laru
+358 (0)44 4294 423

Land Use Planner

Riitta Konu-Vierimaa
+358 (0)44 4294 233

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