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School Department

The Town of Ylivieska School Department is responsible for pre-school and primary education as well as secondary education. School transportation and afternoon activities for 1st and 2nd graders and special education students also fall under the School Department’s responsibility.

Address: Vierimaantie 3, 84100 Ylivieska.

Head of Education
Kai Perttu, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 314

Financial Manager
Tuomo Kallio, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 315
financial matters, school transportation etc.

Department Secretary
Minna Seppälä, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 312
student registers, archives, school registrations, website etc.

Office Secretary
Kerttu Sorvisto, tel. +358 (0)44 4294 318
afternoon activities, invoicing etc.

E-mail addresses:

Board of Education
The Board’s decisions (in Finnish)

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