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School transport

School transport is arranged in accordance with the Basic Education Act (628/1998) and the school transport guidelines of the Town of Ylivieska.

Children who live more than five kilometres away from the school are entitled to free school transport. The free transport entitlement applies to both primary school and pre-school pupils. Free school transport can also be arranged if the journey to school is deemed too tough or dangerous for a pupil. Discretionary school transport is decided on by the Board of Education.

Additionally, the Town of Ylivieska arranges winter time school transport for pre-school and 1st to 3rd grade pupils from early November to February, provided that the distance is more than 3.5 km.

The children also have the right to walk to school. School-aged children should engage in physical activity for a couple of hours a day, and walking or cycling to school promotes good physical condition and health!

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