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Technical details of the main hall

The main hall has 373 seats (273 in the stalls, 100 on the balcony). A maximum total of 401 with reserve seats included.

When the balcony mixing station is used, seats 205, 206, 224, 225 and 226 are removed and not in use.


The width of the stage is 12 m at the front and 9 m at the back. The depth is 8 m and the free height is approx. 10 m.

The back wall of the stage is fixed with an opening in the middle that can be used to move the grand piano, for example. The side walls can be moved aside and replaced with black curtains. The back wall can also be covered with a dark blue curtain. The grand piano can be used. Its pitch level is 442. The stage has a black/white dance mat available. Please notify us when reserving the facility if you wish to use the dance mat or the grand piano.

Making an open fire in the hall is prohibited. In exceptional cases, a safety inspection must be carried out with the local fire authorities. A pyrotechnician must be present. The organiser of the event will be responsible for the inspection.

Load-in from the loading platform through the double doors on the right side of the stage. Transportation and other vehicles may be parked near the loading platform for the duration of the event.

The green room is in the immediate vicinity of the stage. Two dressing rooms and two toilets. The Pietari conference room and the video conference room can also serve as backstage facilities. Showers are available in Päivärinta School’s facilities.

VIDEO PROJECTING: The back wall of the stage features an approx. 8 m wide projection screen. The house video projector is available for all events.

ELECTRICITY: The centre is on the right side of the stage, next to the load-in doors. Three-phase electric power is available as follows: 3 x 16 A. 5 x 32 A. 1 x 63 A.

SOUND SYSTEM: The house system features 24 microphone channels. The hall PA and monitors can be mixed with a Yamaha LS-9 mixing console. A 3 x 8-channel active splitter (XTA) is used to split the signal between the mixing stations in the control room, in the stalls and on the left side of the stage, as well as in the third floor studio. Use of the mixing station on the balcony must be agreed upon in advance.


20 x Aura Audio A6

10 x Aura Audio XD12i sub

Aura Audio D2k amplifiers

Symetrix Jupiter 8 signal processor


8 monitor groups in use

6 x Tannoy V8 angled speaker

2 x Tannoy V12 angled speaker

2 x Aura Audio C15 angled speaker

Amplifiers: Mc2 and Aura Audio


A comprehensive range of wired microphones, including Beyerdynamic, Shure, AKG, Neumann and Röde. 4 x AKG SR470 wireless microphone. 2 x handheld microphone, 2 x headset.


Control unit: Chamsys Maxiwing and iPad Remote

Moving lights:

8 x Robe AT Wash 250

4 x YPOC Colorwash Basic 250

6 x Clay Paky Mythos

Conventional lights:

11 x ADB Europe profiles as front lights

6 x ADB Europe 1000 W PC

10 x ETC Source Four Jr Zoom

12 x PAR-64

10 x 1000 W asymmetrical flood

Dimmers: ADB Eurorack (16A channels), a total of 72 channels placed around the stage.


1 x Peasoup Phantom Hazer fog machine


500 kg chain lifts at the front and back of the stage. 20 m Litec truss with floor boards and four corner pieces.

Further information: Paavo Helminen, tel. +358 (0)40 6427 799,

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