Town council

The Town Council is the highest decision-making body of the Town. The Council is elected in the municipal election every four years. The Council directs the development of the town in a concrete manner as it exercises its financial power.

The Council decides on the economic and financial basics: the tax percentage, general payment bases, loans and sureties. The Council also sets quality and action-related goals for administrative bodies. The Council decides on the structure of the town administration: boards, offices and institutes and the division of jurisdictions between them. The Council appoints trustees and key office holders. The Council monitors the Town’s affairs and results through financial statements, activity reports and audit reports.

Meetings of the Council are public and the agendas and minutes can be read on the Town’s website under ‘Esityslistat ja pöytäkirjat’ (Agendas and Minutes – only available in Finnish) and at the Town Library. Council meetings and decisions are also announced in the media.

You can contact the Town Council

by post at:
Ylivieska Town Council
P.O. Box 70
84101 Ylivieska, Finland

by e-mail at:

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